Version History

Multitouch 1.6.0 (Current Version)

  • Added resting thumb detection and rejection for trackpads
  • Added five finger click gesture

Multitouch 1.5.5

  • App switcher action can now be used with all tap gestures
  • Included changes from v1.5.4 that fixes a problem detecting certain internal trackpads
  • Improved application stability that was affected by v1.5.3

Multitouch 1.5.0

  • Added Magic Mouse gestures for "rest one finger and tap one finger to the left or right"
  • Added Magic Mouse tap three fingers gesture
  • Improved behavior of "rest one tap one" trackpad gestures when right clicking
  • Improved "double tap" behavior when that setting is enabled
  • Improved subsequent tap gesture execution timing
  • Included changes from v1.4.1 that improves the "rest one tap one" gestures when tap to click is enabled

Multitouch 1.4.0

  • Added gestures for single finger click or force touch in top left or right corners of the trackpad
  • Added trackpad gestures for "rest one finger and tap one finger to the left or right"
  • Made "rest plus tap" gestures less likely to be executed accidentally when swiping
  • Fixed a bug with haptic feedback sometimes not happening immediately for the "rest plus tap" gestures when enabled
  • Fixed a bug where three and four finger force touch gestures would prevent single finger force touches from performing built-in macOS force touch behavior
  • Fixed a bug where some Apple gestures could stop working when Multitouch was running

Multitouch 1.3.0

  • Added three finger force click and four finger force click trackpad gestures
  • Small "About" menu item update
  • Minor bug fixes

Multitouch 1.2.0

  • Added two finger swipe from left edge of trackpad gesture
  • Added Opera and Vivaldi support for browser actions
  • Added support for more text editors in the apps with tabs actions
  • Added some small performance improvements

Multitouch 1.1.0

  • Added three and four finger click gestures for the Magic Mouse
  • Moved Magic Mouse gestures to their own tab
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Multitouch 1.0.0

  • Updated tap top left and tap top right images
  • No longer in beta

TouchOven 1.2.23

  • Fixed UI bug where slider background was not transparent
  • Removed unnecessary assets